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My work evokes the thought that only the individual can understand his or her own experience and truth. Through this idea, I express my concepts formed through my own experiences.
This Paulding County documentary reflects this sense of independence and voyeurism felt through my experience and connections with the history and honesty of this environment. I feel that to ‘document’ you have to live an experience in every aspect and each set of ideas and concepts formed leads to and interacts with the next.
I’m seeking to capture a certain ‘aesthetic experience’, and documenting the lives of people within this culture, even though very few, the voices are vast. My desires to capture these aspects of Paulding County connect to a personal empathy and experience that I have received from this place.
Being there and the different rituals involved in living there, as well as traveling there have changed my views, and have revealed different ideas of ‘identity’ connecting to my artistic aesthetic.