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A true explorer and creative, Atlanta artist Meredith Ochoa has been reinventing alternative and digital processes since 2007. She has developed a new portable scanning process in which the subject becomes the "negative" through digital degradation with a portable wand of light.  The portable scanner describes the subject through a life-size depiction of the number of pixels the subject amounts to. Meredith received her Masters of Art from Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD)and her artwork captures the revealing moments of an individual's physical/mental language innovating the organic aspects of light & time.



I expose the raw, the honest, and the absurdity of life through challenging what a camera is and how photography functions in our lives. My work evokes the thought that your perception is your reality. I capture the revealing moments of the universal dialogue within relationships while exposing the testament to my own humanity as well as the reflections of my personal history. My aesthetic process constantly evolves to explore these observations and the innovation of the only worldly constant: change.